North Eastern Starch (1987) Company Limited

North Eastern Starch (1987) Company Limited Is one of Thailand’s major producers and exporters of native tapioca for both domestic and international consumption. Started in 1987 with more than 50 million baht in capital, the company has continued to develop and produce starch that has been accepted worldwide for its characteristics and consistent quality. The company controls quality ad each production stage , starting with procurement of a daily average of 800 tons of roots from farmers in Nakhon Ratchasima and nearby provinces. A fully equipped laboratory with high technology instruments, controls and tests the quality of products to meet specification and the requirement of customers . In addition, the organization structure of North Eastern Starch if designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of all employees, from bottom to top, through appropriate training and seminars led by both in-house and outside trainers.
At present , the daily production capacity is 180 – 200 tons of refined starch generated by more than 120 employees and state-of-the-art machines which run around the clock . The production processes and controls have been improved since early 2001 in the pursuit of ISO 9002 accreditation. It is expected that the accreditation process will be completed within the year 2002, further ensuring the consistency of conformance to the high standards set for quality of product and services.

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